Jura Creek Enterprises sells and distributes a diverse range of materials in various sizes.

Crushed limestone is the principal material we sell. We stock five standard sizes, which are readily available.

~ 40mm (1.75")

~ 20mm (3/4")

~ 10mm crush (3/8" minus)

~ 75mm crush (3" minus)

~ 25mm crush (1" minus)

We also offer custom crushing to create limestone and other materials to what ever size your project requires.

Recycling is becoming a major part of our everyday lives and it's no different in the aggregate business. We offer recycled asphalt as well as recycled concrete. These products are perfect to use as a substitute for natural stone aggregate and ideal for driveways and landscaping.

An added bonus of these recycled materials is the lower cost, compared to their natural stone counterparts. They can be an economic choice for projects of any scale.